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Restaurant management software designed to manage multiple outlets remotely with ease on most devices.

Quickfood is developed for bars and restaurants. Saving time, spreading workload, eliminating mistakes and complete remote functioning make this product valuable.

Manage multiple locations
The remote abilities provide one of the biggest advantages, managing multiple outlets from a single point becomes easy.
Easy to use point of sale
The intuitive design of the sales consoles allows for new staff to immediately use it without any real training.
All over improved efficiency
When replacing docket books with tablets and using order display units you prevent errors and cut staff travel time by more than 50%. Perfect for bigger shops.
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I am looking for a partner. This product offers scope for much more than I am capable of achiving on my own. Interested? contact me for more information with regards to feasibility studies and financial projections.

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xyz #start-up solution

Four building blocks every new business need, joined in a single service.

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Computer buying assistance for #start-ups
#advertising skills
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fishing_1What is any effort worth if it does not solve a problem?

Give someone a fish and tomorrow they are hungry again. Teach him to fish and he is never hungry again. - Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie.

Think about this In order to make your online efforts successful you must follow hundreds of guidelines. Maybe you are new to internet marketing or you use all your time to run your business, the fact remain you end up paying someone to advertise your  business.

 The question: Is the energy you spend on digital marketing worth your while? If your answer is no, I can help you.

Your website is one part meant to work in unison with other carefully crafted strategies to form an effective digital marketing campaign that drive sales when put into action.

Assisted Website Agreement This service combines the SEO Level 2 service with an effective strategy and website, developed to suit your business and your existing online facilities.
Website Service Level 1
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Self Managed Website Agreement Up your game or start fresh with this option that includes everything from a complete website, linked social accounts to a well planned marketing strategy.
Website Service Level 2
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Self Managed Website Agreement

Who should use this? This self managed website option is a good choice if you have an employee that will be using all the features included. A person with experience in marketing with good computer skills. This person does not need programing knowledge, but knowledge of HTML will be a plus.

Who should NOT choose this? This service will not work for you if you do not have enough time or insufficient skills. If you do not use the provided features at all or in the wrong way, you can find yourself going through a learning curve.

What's included in this package? This service includes everything to get your website online and reliable. With email accounts and your domain name. I configure your website to suit your requirements.

During the planning and layout of the website I take the content you give into account and develop various strategies to present your business in the best way possible.

Sample Strategies:

  • Proposition
  • Acquisition
  • Conversion
  • Retention
  • Analytics

Using your account you will be able to create content in various formats, everything from plain text to embedded videos.

Multiple social networking features are part of this product. I also create the required online accounts and apply your corporate identity.


Deployment Cost: R 11 995.99 once off Monthly service charge: R 550.00 p/m

Note: This package does not ship with a contract. A minimum notice period for cancellation or package transfer of 3 months apply.

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Assisted website deal

If this is your first time taking your business online and you have no experience at all but you would love to learn, then this assisted website design option is for you.

Who should use this? I compiled this deal keeping support and training in mind. If you have never used the internet for business purposes, you will gain immensely from this service. You will be kept up to date each step of the way, right from the beginning. Every section we work on, I create a detailed correspondence, that you can use as reference.

By following our examples from the start to a point where we publish and share content on the available channels, you will learn exactly what to do and how to do it. You will learn how to:

  • Structure your articles
  • Compile your posts and etiquette
  • The best services to use
  • How to generate quality leads

I offer support via e-mail and publish informative articles about best practices.

Who should NOT choose this? This service will not work for you if you do not have enough time or employed a person with the required skills.

What's included in this package? As in the other service levels you will receive a complete up to date website. With this offering I make sure that you learn from the start all the way up to a point where you are confident enough to change to a self managed package.

An advantage of this service are that you will have a say in all aspects of this service. I work closely with you, explaining our actions and asking your comments.

A suggestion will be for you to set a budget for Adwords advertising, we will set up and manage your Adwords account with you.


Deployment Cost: R 7 995.99 once off Monthly service charge: R 1 800.00( First 3 months / R 550pm after)

The suggested time for this package is 3 months. This is because of the training and support included during this time. After 3 months, or when you feel confident that you will be able to manage your site, you may convert to the self managed option at no additional cost. The monthly service charge becomes R 550.00 Monthly

Note: This package does not ship with a contract. The minimum notice period for cancellation or transfer is 3 months.

Additional service: I will gladly help with content creation once you convert to the self managed option. You give us your topic and we take it from there. We will do research, compile a draft. You can publish as soon as you approve.

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Is your website showing up on search pages? Do you know what causes the poor page ranking? Improve your web site rank with these SEO auditing services.

Search Engine Optimization Service Options - SEO Auditing

There are many reasons why you would need to audit your website. A seo audit give you insight to your site's ranking and point out where to optimize. This service is available in two formats depending on your needs.

  • A in-depth analysis with a detailed report.
  • A in-depth analysis with optimization applied and a report of improvements.

SEO Level 1 - Website Analysis Report

The in-depth analysis of your website are split into four(4) sections:

  • Website Structure Compliance
  • Page level performance
  • Linking
  • Social networking abilities

The first two sections of this audit weighs in the heaviest on your website's performance. If these are not up to standard the remaining two sections will have no effect. Google employs the algorithm name Panda to look at these parts and assign ranking.

Website Structure Compliance In this section of the seo auditing service I look at the programming and the structure of your website. The programming and the way your website link all the pages and posts together are very important. The slightest errors here will surely affect your ranking in a negative way.

Page level Performance As the heading indicates, seo auditing on page level point out the elements on pages that negatively affect your website's performance. There are many conditions to consider, some being:

  • Page speed
  • Image quality
  • Tags

Optimizing for better search results is not an exact science. I say this because google does not publish a set of rules which each site must comply to.

This is an effort to stop or decrease manipulation of website rank on SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages) by means of hacks and tricks. Google revealed in their latest update that websites employing trickery and sites with a history of spamming will receive heavy penalties.

Linking Links to your website has always been a priority and nothing changed there. Incoming links are still important, if not more than ever. Quality of inbound links are more important than quantity.

Social Networking Social activity flows in with linking and are becoming more and more important over time. As part of the seo audit I look at your websites ability to interact with various social networks.Your website must not only be able to post to social networks, but also support good quality when making posts.
The four named sections above cover only a small part of the audit, I look at more than 200 different elements.

Level 2 - SEO Auditing and Implementation

Level 2 of this service goes beyond the in-depth audit and give you a full service that includes implementation of remedies as pointed out in the audit report.

It gets better, you will not only receive a in-depth audit and a report after the implementation. Added as part of this service I will conduct two performance reports. The first performance report before I start and the second after all the improvements. This will give you a clear understanding of the effect of the optimization.


There are many factors influencing the ranking of your website. The standards or algorithms used to check rank often receive updates. This mean that if your website shows up high now, it may not stay there for ever. Here is some more information:

Wikipedia - Google Panda: Panda looks at website quality and lowered the rank of low-quality or thin websites.Wikipedia - Google Hummingbird: Hummingbird focus on searchers intent and decide what they are trying to find.

With this in-house training and 3 months mentoring deal you will be ontop of the latest tips and tricks. The purpose of this course is to enable you to successfully manage your own digital marketing.

What is the problem to overcome?

Even though the internet offer great tools for marketing, it comes with its own set of rules. This mean that conventional marketing changed and you need to adapt to get a positive result.

Not just Marketing There are many parts involved in content marketing and social marketing, more than simply posting adverts on the internet. Another misconception is that getting a website is the solution, but that is not true. Your website is one of 5 channels you can use to get your name out there.

What does it take? You do not need a programing degree or be a marketing specialist. Harvesting clients with digital marketing is not as difficult as many people would like to make you think. There are some basic principles to apply and once you stick to that you will see the fruits of your efforts.

Internet marketing for small business This course is for small businesses. With having the skills to do your own internet marketing you gain 2 ways. Your business you will save on marketing costs, so you can invest more into PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. This leads to more sales.

The things you will learn. During this in-house mentoring session you will gain all the required skills to create quality content. Furthermore you will learn how to find your target market, define your brand and ultimately engage with potential clients and drive sales. All of this by using your arsenal of online tools.

All the pieces put together.

Web Tools Html basics Graphics and editing Google tools Social networks
Digital Marketing Introduction Defining your strategy Applying your strategy
Content Creation Seed words Keyword types Keyword research Competition research
WordPress Introduction Settings Optimized landing page Creating posts
Basic stats Measuring the results

How do we do it?

The in-house mentoring session consists of 2 parts:
  • In-house Mentor Session
  • Ongoing Mentoring

This is in-house training, I come to you and present the course at your business. The course span 3 days. I take bookings for one, two or three people. This course includes theoretical and practical parts done on your website and other on-line facilities.

The second part of this service involves a 3 months mentoring and support agreement, during which you get support and guidance with all the online activities you learned in the training course.

Available Formats With this in-house mentoring service you get to select from two different formats, first is if you already have a website complying to the requirements, you can book the course only.The second format of this in-house mentoring session is for businesses with no or very little online facilities. This service includes a website and extra required services.

Website Design Portfolio.
Map Auto Parts
Veronique Kapitans Foundation
Davida van der Merwe
Camille's Swim Studio
Value Vehicles
Field Street Personel
David Old Tailor
Renstels logo
KZN Vet Supply

Versatile Restaurant Management Software

Quickfood is a software development and design consultancy that specialize in restaurant management solutions.

Restaurant Management Software Quickfood is designed with great features to make managing your restaurant or bar a breeze. In fact we created Quickfood to run on nearly any device and incorporated remote functionality.

Quickfood is a software application I have been working on since 2012. The programming is a combination of php, mysql, java and jquery. Using these languages provides high application flexibility. Some instances of this software replaced docket books others are specifically create for remote management.

Map Auto Parts

Intro: Map Auto Parts is all about cars, if you are looking for a bargain, they most likely have it. Map Auto Parts deal rebuilt vehicles, new and used parts. URL: Live Since: February 2012 Tasks Performed: Logo design, e-mail accounts, website design, hosting, maintenance.

Veronique Kapitans Foundation

Intro: Step 1 is a NPO that is dedicated to helping women and children who have been raped and/or sexually abused. We aim to provide a safe and secure environment, where victims can be assisted free of judgement and prejudice. Our primary focus is to provide basic healthcare / medical assistance, as well as trauma counseling to victims. URL: Live Since: August 2012 Tasks Performed: email, logo design, website design, hosting, maintenance

Davida van der Merwe

Intro: Davida van der Merwe Optometrist has been practicing in Newcastle for 23 years. Besides helping patients with improving their vision, is aiding to find the perfect fitting pair of spectacle frames and lenses are also a part of our passion. URL: Live Since: January 2013 Tasks Performed: email, website design, hosting, maintenance.


Intro: Hi, my name is Anthon Von Lisenborgh, the author of the book Apocrypha999. I got an Instruction from God to WRITE. He told me what to write even though I have never written a thing in my life and that HE will GUIDE me and tell me what to write. ALL I did was to Obey His word. the REST of it all is not from me but from GOD. He wrote everything through ME. I wrote NOTHING of myself. Now it is complete. URL: Live Since: February 2013 Tasks Performed: email, website design, hosting, maintenance.


Intro: We are Profair, Platinum Accredited distributor of LG Air Conditioning Equipment. Profair opened in 1997 with the goal in mind to create a wholesale aircon business that supply air conditioning installers, various contractors and retailers in the whole of Gauteng. URL: Live Since: December 2012 Tasks Performed: email, website design, hosting, adwords campaign.

Camille's Swim Studio

Intro: To preserve and improve the life of people of all ages in our community and around, by teaching them to swim and to exercise in a controlled/disciplined manner, in order to maintain all over physical and mental health. URL: Live Since: June2013 Tasks Performed: email,website design, hosting, maintenance.

Value Vehicles Intro: Looking to buy a new vehicle? You have come to the right place, we keep a variety of vehicles in stock. Take a look at our showroom. URL: Live Since: July 2013 Tasks Performed: email, logo design, website design, hosting, maintenance, multiple domains. In addition to the website I also created and maintain a php driven vehicle inventory solution.

logo_southey_mphela Intro: Our clients are confident in the dependable service we offer. We approach each case with professionalism and tact. URL: Live Since: December 2013 Tasks Performed: Logo design, email, hosting, website design

Field Street Personel

Tasks Performed: I created and maintain a cloud based content management solution for Field Street Personnel .

The goals of this project where to give remote access, collaborative working, easy data capturing, search & display of database records.

David Old Tailor

Intro: We specialize in round neck t-shirts and golf t-shirts, made the way you love them. Our slogan state that we do it all, this is because we start by making your t-shirts all the way through to branding them. A true one stop solution where you do not have to do the runaround for shirts, truly as easy as giving us your order. URL: Live Since: September 2014 Tasks Performed: Logo design, email, web design, hosting, maintenance.


Intro: Renstels is a restaurant & bar that offers a unique selection of cocktails and a variety of beverages, alcoholic and none alcoholic. The concept was compiled by Renier van den Berg in 2001. The combination of products and services is the result of the hands on experience and research done by R. van den Berg, who is currently the owner of Renstels. URL: Live Since: September 2009 Tasks: Logo design, email, hosting, website and Quickfood Management System logo

Intro: Laying a solid foundation for your business. The XYZ Service: Four building blocks every business need, joined in a single service. Xyzite give dedicated business assistance services to people who love what they do, and enjoy partnering with them to help turn their dreams into reality. The Xyz service combines four key parts every business need into one comprehensive service. URL: Live Since: January 2014 Tasks: Complete site and services.


Intro: Gamecapcor is a professional wildlife services provider with services, ranging from game translocation to veterinary services and auctions. With more than 20 years experience in providing wildlife services, we have created efficient and safe techniques to relocate game. URL: Live Since: January 2013 Tasks Performed: email, website design, hosting, maintenance.


Intro: Welcome to SpareFind a convenient and safe way to buy automotive spares. We are here to help and started by making ordering efficient and easy. URL: Live Since: August 2014 Tasks Performed: email, logo design, website design, hosting, maintenance.

KZN Vet Supply

Intro: We are the vet and pet supply shop with a difference, why? That is easy, our mission is to supply you with only the best quality products and because of our bulk buying power we can sell at the best prices around!

URL: Live Since: January 2013 Tasks Performed: email, logo design, website design, hosting, maintenance.

Video creates the ability to really simplify things. Video is more effective than posters or signage. This is because video is easier to perceive and requires less effort on the client side.

Where else than on the internet will you be able to use video?

Because video can be presented in many ways, it opens the door to leave the internet and mobile devices and take on a more physical form. A very basic example will be a display panel or a tv displaying video to clients, in areas where they spend time waiting or even relaxing, as in the case of a pub or restaurant.

Zero Budget Samples

I named this package the zero budget, not because it is free but simply because these videos are made with no real video footage. The only reference material I used are supplied by the client. This method is the most cost-effective and works miracles for presentations and social sharing.

Studio Budget Videos

With this configuration the cost are determined by complexity and time. A studio budget video includes video footage that are taken in studio or at your business. This package includes 3D modeling and basic animation and advanced video techniques, green screen and other effects. This type of video is pefect for anything from sharing to digital display panels and in-store video advertising.

Live Shoot Videos

Video for different uses

All videos does not have to be commercials(ads). Some other types include:

  • Infomercials
  • Short documentary
  • Presentation
  • Interactive/Dynamic content (Kiosk)
  • Digital signage - video

Mix video with the right hardware and your options becomes endless.

One way to mix video and hardware will be to drop in some programming and set up an information desk or kiosk. Adding an information desk/kiosk to your business is like adding another staff member that is dedicated to aid clients with product information or technical advice. All of this at a fraction of the cost.

What is digital business applications consulting?

This service provides applications, strategies and training that will enable your business to grow from any level to the point where you have established performance targets and reach them, continuously.

The consultants job includes putting all of this in place, creating all the required online applications, formulating multiple strategies, extracting quantifiable analytical data, identify problem areas, formulate and implement optimizations and finally define key performance indicators.

What are these digital applications?

The different digital applications we deal with can be seen as plug-ins. Exactly the same as buying a mobile device and downloading plugins to add functionality, but more than that!

Think plugins for your business, but we call them digital applications.

Here is an example: The Cosmopolitan Cafe uses paper to relay orders from the front counter to the kitchen, a pretty standard way to get the job done. But this convenient system is reliant on paper and paper costs money. By adding a digital application, a monitor in the back and only printing customer receipts, they reduced their paper costs by 90%.

That is a basic example. The moment you have the right hardware, you can pick and choose from a vast selection of applications available, with the biggest part being software.

The link between your business and implementing digital applications, are your website.

What’s the problem and why use a consultant?

The problem is so basic that people do not often believe it, choice. Plain and simple, you have so many options that will benefit your business, it becomes difficult to choose and mixing the wrong applications can cause a loss.

Going the trial and error way can become timely and expensive, that is why we use a framework developed on results, proven by testing and putting applications to work. This in itself is quite a job, due to constant improvements and innovations.

Here’s the solution to the problem.

A digital applications consultant provides a quicker, cheaper way to work out which applications will work for you using data collected from your daily operations and current systems. Then implementing the applications, providing training and setup ways to measure the performance of all of this.

Going the trial and error way can become timely and expensive, that is why we use a framework developed on results, proven by testing and putting applications to work. This in itself is quite a job, due to constant improvements and innovations.

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